Top Grand Prix Circuits That You Should Consider Exploring

A memorable Grand Prix is one that presents challenges to drivers, while providing a spectacular experience for the fans. While some circuits are known to feature in history and have hosted memorable races, there are others that give an all-round motor racing experience. Here are top Grand Prix circuits you should make a point of visiting during the next racing event.



This Brazilian Grand Prix course is definitely one of the favourites for many fans. Interlagos, with its long sweeping left bend stretch and first few corners that make for exciting wheel-to-wheel action, has hosted the Brazil Grand Prix since 1990. Much of the lap is marked by some good overtaking opportunities. Fans are able to see the cars pass many times compared to other circuits.

Monte Carlo – Monaco

It is in the top ten list of those planning to visit Monaco. This circuit presents an incredible racing challenge and great experience for the fans. Though the track has been criticized by some people, it is still one of the most amazing circuits you ever get. Monaco’s unforgiving bumps and walls require drivers to tame their rowdiness to keep themselves safe. You can experience the rush of adrenalin at the Grand Prix in Monaco


Singapore Circuit

A relatively young circuit, but one that is catching the attention of fans; it was the first one to host a night Grand Prix racing event. The circuit has a brilliant setting where the section around the pits has a custom-made design giving it a feel of a permanent circuit.

Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps

Spa is considered one of the best circuits and has stood the test of time. Its 14 km circuit and 7km current configuration give it a thrilling battle field for the drivers to compete. The Eau Rouge is one of the corners of the circuit that many drivers continue to rate as one of the most exhilarating to drive.


This is one of the classing Formula One tracks. It hosted its first world champion back in 1950. Built about an old airfield, Silverstone has undergone a series of configurations with one done in 2012.

Buddh International Circuit – India

This is a new circuit in the Grand Prix racing arena. This circuit was designed by Herman Tilke, a man who has been criticized for designing soulless circuits. It is among one of his best creations. The turn 3 blind up-hill is a great stretch for an overtaking action.

There are other great Grand Prix circuits, Abu Dhabi Yas Marina and Suzuka in Japan to name two more. These are the ones which produce exciting races and challenges to drivers while keeping the fans mesmerized.